Mobile Laptop Cart with Storage

Mobile Laptop Cart

A mobile laptop cart with storage will give you a functional medical cart that is not overwhelmed by technology. Normally, users will get a cart dominated by technology or IT that is not suitable for use in the medical field, but Scott-Clark Medical offer laptop carts with a large, usable desktop space and more than adequate storage facilities.

Scott-Clark medical can offer you a very usable medical cart, which gives connectivity to numerous high-end laptops or small form factor computers without skimping on medical practicality. Carts can be customized to include safe sharps disposal, a useful barcode reader, and large supply drawers.

These mobile laptop carts with storage also offer extended battery life as each cart can include space for additional lithium battery storage, which could provide you with years of extra storage. Each cart can be designed to your own specifications with support for your preferred hospital computers, wristband or labels printers, and the possibility to mount vital signs monitors.

Mobile Laptop Cart with Storage

Why use a mobile laptop cart?

Mobile laptop carts with storage are highly useful in the medical field to access important medical records on the move. When attending a patient, caregivers will often need to move back and forth to a stationary electronic medical record location, which could easily lead to human error as caregivers would need to be in constant motion.

The ability to access patient’s records during a consultation will improve the overall level of care as caregivers won’t need to leave the room to access additional files. Information can be shared with patients in real-time meaning time spent with the patient can be made a priority. The extra battery capacity offered by these medical carts and the ability to charge laptops will ensure caregivers can remain in the consultation room for extended periods of time.

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