Mobile Laptop Computer Cart

Scott-Clark offers advanced and innovative mobile computing solutions for hospital, IT and Nursing professionals. Allowing medical staff to work confidently, and very importantly comfortably at the point of care.

Our standing mobile laptop computer carts allows users to address their tasks with optimum efficiency while increasing workflow and decreasing costs.

Posture and productivity

Made from high-quality components our carts offer stability and flexibility for the user, which can promote better posture and discourage strains and injuries related to posture and repetitive movement.

Repetitive or posture related strains or injuries can lead to sick days, reduced staff performance while on task, and result in overall reduced workplace productivity.

Features of the mobile laptop computer cart

Our patented system provides advanced technology to power all of our mobile workstations, giving you 680 watt-hours of use between battery charges or swap.

Each cart is lightweight aluminum, with powerful long-life batteries made using lithium-ion technology that will offer you years of service. The bright battery status lights allow users to know when to swap batteries.

Computer Cart


Each beautifully designed cart is height adjustable and usable seated or standing. Whether you are right or left-handed, our carts offer great mobility and are easy to use.

The large surface area makes the cart compatible with many laptops, notebooks or tablet computers.

Despite offering a large surface area, the footprint of the mobile laptop computer cart is small, making it easy to move around a floor and fit well into space limited zones such as hallways or cluttered rooms.

Durable Work Stations

Made of high quality easy to clean materials, our carts are both strong and durable for long-term use, making them great value for money.
Mobile Laptop Computer Cart

We're so confident in our mobile laptop computer cart quality that we offer a 60-month warranty from the date of shipment that your cart will be free of issues under normal use.
Our lithium-ion batteries also come with a warranty, which is a minimum of three years from the date of shipment.

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