Mobile Laptop Workstation Carts

Patient care is paramount in healthcare, but medical staff often lack sufficient time to dedicate to each patient. Mobile laptop carts are an excellent solution for a busy medical facility for point-of-care facility’s needs. Quicker accessibility means safer medical practices, easier management of electronic patient records, and improved patient care.

Scott-Clark Medical produces the most convenient mobile laptop medical carts on the market. Easy to use with ergonomic handling and ample storage features, our laptop carts can be customized to suit the needs of your facility.

What are the Benefits of a Mobile Laptop Cart?

Medical facilities are increasingly turning to digital record-keeping to streamline patient care. A mobile laptop cart is a portable data center, enabling staff to access patient records bedside.

The laptop screen can be turned toward the patient, and the desktop is height adjustable for added privacy. Laptop carts provide doctors with the opportunity to share vital information with patients. This gives patients more control over medical decisions regarding treatment and improves doctor-patient relationships.

It also improves compliance with HIPAA patient confidentiality by limiting access to records to authorized personnel only as the laptop can be kept closed and encrypted with a password.

A mobile laptop cart also improves infection control within a facility. Staff no longer need to make frequent trips to a central location for supplies and data entry, reducing the risk of pathogen transference. The cart can also be loaded with sanitation equipment to sterilize the cart between patients.

Features of a Mobile Laptop Cart

Heavy-duty base

Scott-Clark mobile laptop carts come with a heavy-duty base that discreetly houses our patented FMCPT power source. The tough base offers incredible stability and counterbalances the weight of your laptop and medical supplies to prevent toppling.

The base comes in numerous configurations depending on the height adjustment features required. The standard column traverse height is 12 inches using a powerful hydraulic lift that can support between 22-44 lbs. There is also the electric motor lift that can hold up to 157 lbs., suitable for carts designed to hold extra equipment in addition to the laptop.

Removable laptop tray

Our preinstalled laptops trays accommodate laptops up to 17 inches wide. The lid closes over the laptop keyboard to provide additional workspace and elevates when staff need to record patient data.

For your convenience, a keyboard tray is located underneath the desktop. Staff can attach an external keyboard to the laptop to remove the need to raise and lower the tray to offer the functionality of a stand up computer while providing a permanent desktop for easier bedside patient care.

Multi-directional casters

Efficient wheels installed on our mobile laptop carts allow for smoother workflow and productivity. Medical staff can effectively maneuver the workstations around patients due to the compact 19 inches wide wheelbase, which can easily fit between patient beds as narrow as 27.5 inches.

The laptop cart wheels have lockable brakes to prevent the cart from rolling during use. The castors are designed to traverse smoothly across numerous surfaces so staff can take the unit from room to room.

Convenient storage

Each mobile stand for a laptop comes with convenient storage bins to accommodate printer paper, sanitation equipment, and PPE gear.

We offer customized storage and organization for laptop carts, including mounts for a wristband printer, barcode scanners, lockable drawers for medications, sharps disposal units, trash cans, and other storage solutions to meet the needs of your facility.

Ergonomic handles

For easier transport, our mobile carts are equipped with ergonomic handles that are molded into the desktop at the front and attached to the rear of the cart. The clever design prevents handles from becoming loose from repeated use. The durable steel materials are powder-coated and easy to clean and sanitize, eliminating hand-to-hand transmission of pathogens between staff.

Long-lasting power source

Scott-Clark Medical FMCPT batteries are the only truly reliable power source on the market. The batteries charge while the cart is in use, and can be hot swapped without interfering with patient treatment.

Each mobile laptop cart comes with our FMCPT power source built into the base, which can power the cart for up to 10 hours. The batteries only take 2.5 hours to charge. This enables staff to keep one battery charging while the other is in use effectively allowing the cart to operate continuously.

Choose Scott-Clark Mobile Laptop Carts to Improve Patient Care and Staff Workflow

Mobile laptop carts are state-of-the-art medical units designed to help your facility operate more efficiently. By offering fast access to patient records and limiting unnecessary travel between patient rooms and the central nurses’ station, medical staff can improve their patient interactions and manage their workload effectively.

To find out how a Scott-Clark mobile laptop cart can enhance your medical facility contact us at (512)-756-7300.

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