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Nothing is more important than portability when dealing with health care. Quicker accessibility means safer medical practices, and mobile laptop workstation carts area a great option. Scott-Clark Medical supplies produce the most convenient mobile workstations on the market, and our mobile laptop workstation carts are easy-to-use.

State-of-the-Art Meets Customization

The mobile laptop workstation carts differ from the traditional portable computer carts that Scott-Clark Medical normally provide. These workstations can be customized to each hospital’s needs — between its sleek design, efficient wheels, and overall ergonomics. More importantly, the carts all have onboard battery charging to allow the medical staff longer working time. The laptop cart features an appropriate footprint as well as enough table space to give staff comfortability.

In the medical field, time is of the essence. Scott-Clark Medical’s idea with the mobile laptop workstation carts is to provide a readily accessible product that will allow medical workers quicker access to patient information.

Our mobile laptop workstation carts are constructed to be easy-to-clean, and the metal parts are all powder-coated.

The Wheels Make the Difference

Mobile Laptop Workstation Carts

Fluid mobility is the essential key to mobile laptop workstation carts. The super-efficient wheels installed on the carts allow for smoother workflow and productivity. Doctors and nurses won’t have to worry when steering and sliding the workstations around patients. While many carts tend to lock-up and tumble, Scott-Clark’s carts ensure proficient usage. The laptop carts all have amble brakes when sliding the carts around patients. The carts also have castors that slide well on numerous types of surfaces.

The Scott-Clark mobile laptop workstation carts have many different designs and add-ons to transform your point of care medication workstation into a power station. The company also features a patent Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology Power Technology System.

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