Mobile Medical Cart Batteries

Having a constant supply of power to your medical cart is essential for the smooth running of your healthcare environment. Whether you are operating a busy emergency department or a small countryside practice, the quality of service you can offer depends on having mobile medical cart batteries that will keep you operating efficiently all day.

Here at Scott-Clark Medical, we specialize in batteries of the highest quality design and build.

power solutions

Versatile technology

Scott-Clark mobile medical cart batteries can be used in a variety of ways. Our batteries can be hot swapped when low on power, meaning that your medical cart can operate without any interruption when needed. Alternatively, if the more traditional method of charging the batteries is required, this can be done with ease. An on-board charge and safety system permits cart use with the more conventional plug-in and charge method.

Long lasting

One battery will operate your cart for between five and eight hours, depending on what they are required to power. Scott-Clark Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCP) can handle two batteries with ease and will display the charge status of both. When you can stop near an outlet, plug it in for a charge refresher. FMCPT permits convenient partial charges, with a twenty-minute charge result in another hour of usage.

Workplace improvements

With our mobile medical cart batteries, the flexible options of either hot swapping or partially charging the batteries will free up time for your staff. If nurses are unable to stop other tasks to charge the batteries, they have the choice to swap them instead. In this way,

they maintain focus on tending to patient needs.

FMCP can power almost anything that needs a battery within a hospital setting. Our battery packs are designed for effortless use and can be operated by smaller hands too. They are lightweight and come with convenient handles that make them easy for your medical staff to move.
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