Mobile Medical Workstation Cart on Wheels

Whether you’re making the rounds or just seeing to a specific patient, modern medicine increasingly demands the use of information technology. It isn’t convenient, efficient or practical to use a static IT solution when you’re mobile throughout a medical environment. That’s why a mobile medical workstation cart on wheels can help.

By placing your IT solution on wheels, you can bring your IT with you to update patient information, help schedule appointments and perform other tasks related to patient care. We design our carts to meet your needs. They include locations for a keyboard, monitor, and have drawers for helpful storage. It’s the perfect option to take anywhere in a hospital or clinic.

Reliable and Practical Choices

mobile medical carts on wheels

Want a new cart? We offer a wide range of choices. Ask about our retrofitting capabilities. We can take your existing carts and customize them

Accidents in hospitals can happen, so we make sure all of our carts have reliable braking and locking mechanisms, keeping them in place instead of in the way. As well as that, the wheels themselves are reliable, in a rigid formation to help prevent toppling and move easily over small bumps.

Practical Features and Considerations

medical workstation on wheels

At Scott-Clark, we understand the medical industry doesn’t operate from 9 to 5. In accident and emergency units, you can be working around the clock to ensure patients receive treatment. That’s why we provide a range of battery options, to keep your staff active for longer and provide fast-charging, so your carts are back online in no time.

Our patented system hot-swap battery system provides the latest in high-tech health facility support. In addition, personnel can adjust the height of our carts using a simple feature to personalize the cart to their physical requirements. This can help reduce strain during cart usage.

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