Mobile Medication Carts for Healthcare

Medication administration is among the most common activities in today’s health care setting. Every day, registered nurses and other healthcare professionals administer upwards of hundreds of medications to patients through different routes and methods.

In a typical health system, millions of medications will be administered each year. Beyond their obvious use in the acute care hospital setting, medications are also administered in outpatient settings and clinics across the country.

When considering the multitude of different circumstances in which medications are administered across a health system, the question comes to mind about how these medications are stored and transported prior to being used.

laptop carts for healthcare

Mobile medication carts for healthcare are one solution that is increasingly used across varied healthcare settings to increase the efficiency and safety of medication administration in increasingly complex healthcare settings.

Why Mobile Medication Carts for Healthcare Improve Patient Care

The use of mobile medication carts for healthcare has been found to be positively associated with a reduction in the number of errors in medication administration. These include events such as administration of a medication to which a patient is known to be allergic, or administering the wrong medication to the patient.

mobile computer carts for healthcare

These events are less likely when mobile medication carts for healthcare are used as they allow nurses or other healthcare professionals to bring the medication directly to the patient prior to giving it.

Depending on the type of cart that is selected, you may also bring the computer platform with the medication administration record and the doctor’s medication orders with you directly to the bedside. This reduces errors in the administration process.

Mobile medication carts for healthcare also increase the efficiency of nurse activity. By reducing the number of steps and movements that nurses have to make as they give medications, these carts represent considerable savings in time and cost.

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