Mobile Powered Equipment Carts

In a lot of cases, it’s inconvenient to move a patient or your work to a piece of equipment required for testing or monitoring. Instead, wouldn’t it be better to move the equipment? Mobile powered equipment carts allow you to do just that.

Keeping equipment mobile can allow for much greater flexibility in both medical and industrial applications. At Scott-Clark, we offer equipment carts catering for a range of specifications – whatever equipment you need, we’ll do our best to find a mobile solution that holds and powers it.

Flexible Operations with Mobility

powered mobile computer cart

Moving a patient in a hospital bed creates a range of problems. They might be hooked up to a drip or life-support machine, or even an iron-lung. Transporting all that together creates a massive bulk which can create traffic in a hospital, obstructing others and potentially causing an accident.

Instead of moving a patient for some specific treatment, it’s often far easier to move the machine to them. We can place a lot of machinery on a sleek, convenient cart that is easy to wheel through even a busy hospital.

In addition, we have a range of power solutions that can keep the equipment functioning continuously. Our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) allows you to hot-swap the batteries, so there are no power interruptions.

In industrial applications, mobile powered equipment carts can help too. Many warehouses and distribution centers have had us customize or retrofit their carts, so they can take advantage of our FMCPT system.

Helpful Features of Mobile Carts

Mobile Cart Power Technology

Our carts feature minimal surface plastic to keep them clean for lab and medical use. Drawers in the base are easily configurable depending on your preferred needs.

Anyone can take over the use of a cart by simply adjusting the height according to the individual’s physical proportions for maximum comfort.

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