Mobile Powered Workstation Carts

In any healthcare setting, workstations power everything that medical professionals do. From documenting assessments of sick patients in an intensive care unit to mobile workstations used in an influenza immunization clinic, any healthcare workplace benefits greatly from mobile workstation use.

Mobile powered workstation carts are of special utility within hospital units. In an acute care unit, a nurse may access a mobile workstation more than fifty times per day. This is not to mention the dozens of other physicians, laboratory technicians, specialists, and other medical professionals that use these workstations daily in an interprofessional collaborative setting.
Workstation Carts

This is an integral aspect of the workstation concept: the workstations can be shared among various professionals. This reduces the need for a larger number of computers specific to certain health professionals.

Mobile Workstations for All Purposes

The utility of mobile powered workstation carts is very much related to their mobility. When carts can be moved from place to place within a facility, they are far more useful than they are when they are stationary. They allow computers and other resources to be moved to where they need to be.

Patient care improves with the ability to bring workstations directly to the bedside. When mobile power workstations support computers that have access to electronic medical records, they allow medical professionals, patients, and family members to have real-time access to patient records. These include X-rays, ultrasound and CT scans, blood test results, medication administration records, and much more.
mobile powered workstation carts

Mobility also allows carts to travel from location to location within a hospital or clinic as operational needs require. If one unit has an unusually high patient census or another unit closes entirely, the workstations can be relocated from areas of lower need to areas of higher need.

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