Mobile Powered Workstations with a Rechargeable Battery

At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer a range of the highest quality mobile powered workstations with a rechargeable battery. There are various significant benefits to using these workstations in your medical clinic, as they help to streamline your space and save valuable time.

The smart storage and power solution

Mobile powered carts are a highly adaptable and versatile option for storage of medical equipment, data analysis, and the use of medical technologies that require a power source, such as medical computers. Cables can restrict spaces within a hospital or medical clinic and create potentially dangerous obstacles for medical staff. Mobile powered workstations with rechargeable batteries are designed to feature a compact frame that is ergonomically suited to medical environments. Without the tangle and mess of cables and electrical wall outlets, your mobile powered workstation won’t get in the way of your important work With a rechargeable battery option fitted to each cart, the hassle of cables is eliminated, and it is no longer necessary that workstations remain adjacent to power outlets. This means these important workstations can be entirely mobile, freestanding and maneuvered with ease throughout the hospital to wherever they may be needed.

Special features of our battery powered workstations

At Scott Clark Medical, we offer various solutions and design features as add-ons to our already high-quality, adaptable workstations to completely maximize their efficiency. This includes features like adjustable legs and frames so that each cart can be customized for optimum use at any height. The rechargeable, long-life lithium-ion batteries that each of our mobile powered carts is equipped with can power a variety of medical machinery, including medical laptops and computers. Depending on your needs, our carts can also be outfitted with drawers and storage systems and safe, built-in compartments to manage medical waste and sterile items.

High-quality at a competitive price

At Scott Clark Medical, we offer a range of options and workstations configured to every client’s individual needs and deliver premium quality at unbeatable prices. We provide reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System. Contact us today by calling or filling out our convenient online form.

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