Mobile Workstation Cart

Carted mobile workstations are quickly becoming staple equipment in many medical settings. Their customizability and their ability to give medical professionals access to critical patient data make them invaluable assets for facilitating top-of-the-line medical care. A great mobile workstation cart fits the demands of the facility it finds itself in. Scott-Clark gives medical institutions the flexibility to fit mobile workstations into their workflow by building them with innovative features and customizing them for a facility’s needs.

Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology

Scott-Clark developed Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology to overcome many of the problems observed in older battery designs for mobile workstations. Older batteries were either built into their carts, making them unusable while charging or required the cart to be powered down before a battery change. mobile workstation cart with battery Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology battery system allows easy hot-swapping of spent batteries so that mobile workstations can stay constantly powered and ready to use. A Scott-Clark mobile workstation cart has slots for two batteries, so the workstation does not need to be turned off before a battery change. Operators can then charge the spent batteries in preparation for another battery switch later in the day, effectively minimizing mobile workstation downtime.

Customized Carts

Different medical settings demand different approaches to integrating mobile workstation technology into their workflow. To account for the differences in workstation implementation, Scott-Clark customizes its carts to match the specifications of different medical facilities. computer mobile workstation cart Our offerings include a range of peripherals for every medical need. We can equip workstation carts with components such as printers, vital signs devices, and other equipment your facility requires. When the standard options we provide do not cover your needs, our company can also adapt our base products or fabricate needed peripherals from scratch to meet your requirements. Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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