Mobile Workstation on Wheels

Mobile Workstation

Movement of hospital equipment, materials or the input of patient’s medical records, can disrupt doctors and nurses and wastes up to 10% of work time when using ordinary carts, desktops, and paper records.

Doctors and nurses always end up having less time for their patients because nurses have to move back and forth looking for materials or doing administrative work. Hospitals that use ordinary workstations and paper records are vulnerable to unnecessary errors because it can be hard to keep track of all patients while moving back and forth.

The old-fashioned use of stationary and desktops is time-consuming and tiresome. The traditional stationary system needs to be replaced with mobile workstations, which will increase staff productivity and hospital efficiency.

Here at Scott Clark, we have designed mobile workstations on wheels with the aim of easing your work, increasing productivity, and making your hospital rounds enjoyable.

Why choose Scott Clark workstation on wheels over ordinary workstations?

Our workstation on wheels is not only flexible and portable, but their wheel design allows for easy transportation throughout the hospital making your work easier and less tiring. This technology allows nurses and patients more time by reducing errors since documentation can be done directly beside the patient, thus reducing inefficiencies and boosting safety.

With our workstation on wheels, you never have to worry about the battery. We offer a reliable battery system ensuring that it doesn’t disrupt your rounds. Our mobile workstation on wheels offers you great storage for all your hospital equipment and patient’s medical needs.

Our wheeled and flexible workstation is here to reduce your workload and save your energy while effortlessly moving all your files and medical equipment. On top of being flexible, our workstation on wheels offers you an automatic lock that keeps all your equipment safe during your rounds.

Mobile Workstation

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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