Point of Care Cart

Point of care technology aims to enhance communication between medical professionals and patients by moving key technologies to the bedside. This is key in optimizing medical treatment and improving patient outcomes. Point of care carts are especially helpful in streamlining patient treatment and record keeping.

Point of Care Cart

The range of point of care carts at Scott-Clark medical allows healthcare staff to tackle key healthcare matters quickly and efficiently. Here at Scott-Clark, we have 20 years of experience in developing workstations that address the needs of clinicians and nurses all over the country. Our point of care carts put the well-being of the patient at the center of health care technology.

Design features

The point of care cart has many design features making it ideal for use in any healthcare facility. Our point of care carts are highly mobile and have ease of use as the focus of their design. They are made of lightweight aluminum, and compact in size, which is ideal for storage and movement in small areas where bulky items could be an issue. They are highly height-adjustable and can be used sitting or standing, enabling flexibility between staff and their preferences.

Our mobile point of care carts are technologically adaptable and are compatible with just about any PC, laptop, or tablet. They also have a large work surface area which allows ease of use when assessing patients and keeping patient records up to date. The cart has a long-lasting battery and clear indication of the charge status, meaning you can spend more time with your patients.

mobile point of care carts


Importantly, your specific needs can be addressed by customization of your point of care cart. The frame of the cart will stay the same, but its configuration can be altered based on your storage needs. We also offer additional special purpose carts with your unique needs in mind, such as carts with printers, sharps disposal bins, and barcode readers.

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