Portable Laptop Cart Workstation

Portable Laptop Cart

The Benefits of the Portable Laptop

With the advent of the mandatory electronic medical records system, keeping all patient records on a computer is the new normal. Charting, transcribing, and consulting records all happens electronically within the medical facility. With the portable laptop cart workstation available through Scott-Clark, your electronic medical records can be accessed in real time, anytime.

The portable cart allows your staff to easily transport a laptop workstation between patients. Having a laptop available at the patient’s side grants you the ability to check medical histories, allergy lists, and medications all while with the patient. Staff can document new symptoms and medication reactions, as well as cross-reference this information with past records.

The ability to perform these tasks while talking with the patient reduces the chance for human error provides faster patient care and leads to greater efficiency within your facility. Once your medical team is ready to move on, their portable laptop cart can be rolled to the next patient.

Find Quality Medical Carts with Scott-Clark

Working with a trusted medical partner such as Scott-Clark gives you the assurance that you’re receiving a quality product for your facility. Our helpdesk is always available to answer questions, go over available products, and place orders.

Portable Laptop Cart Workstation

We offer new or refurbished carts. We also offer the flexible mobile cart power technology. This power system is flexible to work within the limits of your everyday workflow. Battery packs can be swapped without losing power, or they can be charged directly on the cart.

These systems provide power for your laptop or tablet, as well as other medical devices such as blood pressure machines, heart monitors, or pulse-ox machines. Systems can be purchased new, or we can outfit your existing medical carts with power systems.

All medical carts are customizable, which means you will receive the carts that work best for you.

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