Portable Medical Carts for Surgical Use

Medical Carts

Portable medical carts for surgical use are an integral part of all operating theaters and surgery clinics where invasive procedures are performed. This is why a portable medical cart for surgical use has to be designed for ergonomic use where easy and quick access to data, instruments, and medication are the prime feature of the design of the cart.

Mobility and stability are key, where a cart must be able to move around with ease, but when placed in a position must be locked into place and immovable. Surgical use of medical carts varies, where some carts are designed as data stations, and others as tool carriers. Each medical cart has to be fabricated according to the client’s specific requirements.

Medical Carts for Surgical

We at Scott-Clark, have produced a modular approach to medical cart design and fabrication. In many instances, there are generic styles, which suit focused purposes, that are acceptable to many. On the other side of the design scale are bespoke requirements, specifications that are client-based, and no two carts will be the same.

Portable medical cart design must withstand constant use, where carts are moved around, compartments and drawers opened and closed, and various substances spill or splatter on to it. This means that the cart has to be made of the sturdiest and most reliable materials while remaining cost-efficient.

Space-Saving Design

Since most medical carts require the efficient use of space, most will come with layers of drawers with quick and smooth accessibility. This demands that the materials used to study, using only the highest tensile materials with ease of clean and maintenance. That is why Scott-Clark designs carts that can be reconfigured in minutes.


You don’t need to change your cart or replace it. All you need to do is let your maintenance team or have one of our customer service teams come in and refurbish or reconfigure the cart to suit your new needs.

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