Portable Power Systems for Mobile Workstation

If you currently make use of mobile workstations in your organization or are thinking of doing so, you have probably considered the implications that batteries have on your operations.

All too often, at Scott Clark, we encounter clients who are dissatisfied with their current portable power systems. Inconvenient charging options and poor battery lift can reduce efficiency and kill motivation.

That’s why we use a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology and offer a range of configurations to suit the needs of your operation.

Power Your Workplace Efficiently

Portable Power Systems

When people think about efficient power, they want long-lasting, fast-charging batteries to last as long as possible. To keep operations efficient, our carts have some handy features available that mean your portable power systems for mobile workstation provides reliable power that won’t fail at a critical moment.

We use batteries that are compatible with a range of medical and other hardware, so you don’t have need different battery types for every kind of device. These reliable, powerful units come with a handle for easy carry.

We can fit carts with hot swap battery docks, allowing you to change batteries without restarting systems. The interface automatically switches power sources when you one battery starts to lose its charge. The system knows when to charge and makes the swap to its fully charged twin seamlessly.

Even without a double-bay on the cart for hot-swapping, you can maintain power while changing batteries.

Safety and Maintenance

Mobile Workstation

It’s important to always store batteries away from other equipment, as well as in a non-humid environment at room temperature. Properly maintained, our batteries last a very long time and continue to charge quickly. Scott-Clark offers a range of solutions for all your medical cart needs.

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