Portable Storage Cart on Wheels

With doctors and nurses constantly on the move in fast-paced medical environments, making storage mobile is a vital commodity. Often, medical professionals have to be able to move between several rooms quickly without worrying about leaving important supplies behind. A portable storage cart on wheels can make transporting medications, supplies, and computers from one floor to another easy, safe, and efficient. Scott-Clark Medical offers a variety of cart styles, sizes, and peripheral add-ons to customize your portable storage needs.


One of the most important aspects of mobile storage in any setting is ensuring the contents of the cart can be secured if you need to step away. Scott-Clark Medical provides several styles of carts with locking cassette and supplies drawers to ensure that critical medications and supplies are kept safe while you're on the move. Drawers can be custom-equipped with key entry or electronic entry, and they can be customized according to size and quantity.

Power solutions

One of the most common complaints about portable storage systems is that the battery power on the cart does not last for an entire shift, or that it is almost gone at the beginning of the next shift. Scott-Clark Medical uses Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology to ensure that a low battery can be switched out quickly, and the cart can carry an extra, charged battery at all times. A visual battery indicator on the cart alerts the user to switch the battery 20 minutes before the battery runs out of power, making it easy for any user to switch the Hot-Swap battery and continue with their work.

Mobility and accessibility

All of Scott-Clark's portable storage carts are adjustable for any user's height, and easy to transport from one location to the next. They are small enough to use in close workspaces, yet large enough to transport all the user's necessary supplies and computer. Dual mouse trays make it easy to switch between left and right-handed users, and a large desktop allows the user ample workspace for writing or referencing paperwork. Scott-Clark's portable storage cart on wheels is manufactured with extruded aluminium and stainless steel to allow for a lightweight system that is easy to manoeuvre. The material has been specially designed to reduce surfaces which can carry germs such as MRSA. These portable carts can be customized for any work environment, including extra storage drawers, dual-display carts, document scanners, and even printers for patient wristbands.

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