Portable Utility Cart with Wheels

Here at Scott-Clark Medical, we specialize in designing and building mobile computer carts with cutting edge power systems. If you are looking for a high-quality portable utility cart with wheels, you have come to the right place. We offer medication carts, point of care carts and custom designed mobile utility carts to fit every need.

Ease of movement and greater efficiency

Mobility and flexibility are key in maintaining a smoothly running healthcare facility. No

matter the size or the setting of your medical practice, your staff will benefit from ease of access to electronic medical records at all times. With a portable utility cart with wheels, the equipment needed to deliver a high standard of patient care will always be close at hand.

At Scott-Clark we ensure our mobile carts are manufactured to an excellent standard. Our carts are built with extruded aluminum and stainless steel that has been powder coated for safe use and longevity. We designed the surfaces to be easy to clean, an essential feature for maintaining hygiene in any healthcare setting.

Long lasting power

Our durable batteries will operate your cart for between five and eight hours, depending on what they are required to power. Scott-Clark Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) can handle two batteries with ease and will display the charge status of both. When you can stop near an outlet, you can plug it in for a charge refresher. FMCPT permits convenient partial charges, with a twenty-minute charge result in another hour of usage.

Hot swap batteries

Our batteries can be hot swapped when low on power, meaning that your medical cart can operate without any interruption when needed. If staff are unable to stop other tasks in order to charge the batteries, they have the choice to swap them instead. In this way, they maintain focus on tending to patient needs.

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