Power Solutions for Hospital Medical Carts

If you rely on medical carts that require a source of power to operate the important hospital machinery and technology at your clinic, you may be looking for alternative power solutions for hospital medical carts.

At Scott Clark Medical, we understand that having a reliable and compact power supply is essential in today’s medical environment, and that high-quality and long-lasting solutions are few and far between.

That is why we offer an entire range of efficient power solutions to help you easily and effectively focus on your work and maintain your work environment.

Innovative answers

With the newly developed and most up-to-date technology in medical cart batteries that we utilize in our powered carts, we offer a simple and practical solution to power supplies.

Battery-based systems provide the advantage of making your carts both portable and compact. Our rechargeable batteries are designed to be seamlessly implemented into the structure of your medical carts to ensure that they do not get in the way of any operation.

Batteries eliminate the hassle of electrical cables, which can lead to obstructions and safety hazards in a busy medical environment. They are not limited to use near an electricity supply and, as a result, provide a reliable power source that is not subject to power surges of electrical faults.

Seamless and safe

Scott Clark Medical’s power solutions for hospital medical carts are compatible with a range of devices, so you won’t need to change your power supply for different functions. Wait times are also eliminated, as our medical-grade batteries are faster to charge than their counterparts.

Other great features of our power systems include the hot-swap dock, which allows you to change over power supplies without disrupting already operating devices. This allows for a smooth transfer of power and eliminates stress.

With the added handle feature, our batteries are also designed for easy removal and replacement, granting ease-of-use for individuals who are not familiar with handling technology.

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