Power Solutions for Medical Carts

Scott-Clark is a proud provider of medical carts for a wide range of uses in the healthcare sector. In the modern world, more and more organizations are making use of technology in an increasing number of processes. As a result, we’ve adapted and developed our approach to offering power solutions for medical carts.

As of now, we employ a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology system (FMCPT), which offers a number of advantages to our clients.

The Benefits of Flexible Technology


Power Solutions for Medical Carts


Issues with many medical carts can cause delays or problems with service. This can be frustrating for staff and patients alike, preventing the delivery of effective treatment and causing a drop in morale. Technical issues can sometimes take hours or even days to correct – in the meantime, processes can lose efficiency and a lot of time gets wasted.

Flexible power is tolerant enough to handle the everyday usage scenarios which are common in medical establishments.
We use fast-charging, long-lasting batteries to keep carts running for as long as possible, untethered, minimizing interruptions.

Hot-swap, for example, allows an individual to replace the battery on an untethered device without ever powering down or restarting.
Similar options are available that let you tether a device temporarily to make a battery exchange without a restart.

It’s also possible to charge the batteries in the device and in charging bays, keeping you at full power around the clock.

Practical Power

Mobile Cart Power Technology

With batteries that last longer, you can keep offering great service to patients all day. Beyond that, our batteries are suitable for virtually all types of electrical equipment.

Using our helpful indicator, you can see exactly how long you’ve got left on a single charge which means you won’t get caught out at a crucial moment.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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