Power Systems for Mobile Computer Carts

The power behind the mobile computer cart is the backbone of efficiency and dependability in the healthcare workplace. If the power does not work, then the entire medical workplace suffers, patients included. That is why there must be a dependable power source behind your mobile computer cart. Scott-Clark Medical offers power systems for mobile computer carts that are dependable and can ease the stress of failing technology in your busy workplace.
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Features of Power Systems for Mobile Computer Carts

One of the features of our power systems for mobile computer carts are our hot-swappable batteries. Hot-swappable batteries can be removed and replaced without shutting down the computer on the cart. This allows the computer to keep running with no interruptions, adding dependability to the unit and minimizing interruptions to the healthcare professional’s job.

Our power systems for mobile computer carts produce a sustained 175 watts of mixed AC and 12V DC power, providing 680 watt-hours of use between charges. They reserve a second battery’s energy until the first one is used up, so each battery is utilized to its full potential. Our power systems include power level indicators that inform users of how much time to expect before the battery needs changing or charging. This reduces the chance that battery-powered mobile cart equipment might go dead when the healthcare professional needs it.

Healthcare workers can quickly replace batteries if needed. With this system, a healthcare worker can remove the dead battery, plug it into a wall charger, and fill the slot the spent battery occupied with a fresh battery within minutes. A 20-minute charge results in an hour of working time. One fully charged battery can power the cart for around five to eight hours.
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Procuring Power Systems for Your Mobile Computer Carts

Using Scott-Clark power systems in your mobile carts increases the effectiveness of your organization.

Here at Scott-Clark Medical, we pride ourselves on listening to your workplace technology needs. We work with you to make sure your medical carts and computer workstations on wheels are perfectly suited for your medical setting.

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