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Hot Swap Batteries

Hot swap batteries are batteries that can be replaced without having to shut down the device or system that they power. This can be extremely useful when a battery needs to be replaced quickly, such as in a medical emergency. As a result, hot swappable batteries have become the standard for intricate and important medical instruments, such as mobile computer workstations.

Hot Swap Batteries

What Are Hot Swap Batteries?

In the fast-paced world of medicine, it is essential to have a reliable power supply. That’s why many businesses rely on replaceable batteries with hot swapping capabilities.

A hot swap battery is a power source that can be swapped out without interrupting the normal operation of a device, such as a medical cart. Hot swap batteries are similar to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in that they can provide backup power in case of a power outage.

Since their inception, hospitals have been progressively switching to these hot swap battery systems with large amounts of success.

How Do Hot Swap Batteries Work?

Replaceable batteries featuring hot swapping technology are designed to be quickly disconnected and reconnected without losing power or shutting down the device. They accomplish this by using dual sets of contacts: one set for power and one set for data.

When the hot swappable battery is first connected, the data contacts establish communication between the battery and the device. Once communication is established, the power contacts are engaged, and the battery can begin supplying power to the device.

The process is simply reversed when it’s time to swap out the battery. The power contacts are disengaged first, followed by the data contacts. This way, there is no need to shut down the device or lose any data during the swap.

When a hot swap battery is connected to a live power source, pre-charge circuits in the battery immediately start charging the cells. This can cause an inrush current, which is why most hot swap batteries have built-in inrush current limiters, protecting components.

Status indicators on the battery allow users to see when the pre-charge cycle is complete, and it is safe to connect the load. Once the load is connected, the battery LED indicator will show the battery’s current charge level and how much capacity is remaining.

If the battery needs to be replaced, the pre-charge circuit automatically disconnects the load before the new battery is connected, preventing any interruption to the power supply.

Hot swap batteries are designed to make it easy to replace depleted batteries by using dual power supplies, making them an essential component of many critical power systems.

These batteries can be removed and replaced in the case of component failure without shutting down the server, which helps to prevent the loss or corruption of vital data. Usually, at least two mounting positions are provided so one battery can continue providing power while the other is removed and replaced.

Is a Hot Swap Battery Right for My Business?

Hot swap batteries are used in various industries but are most commonly found in medical settings. They are often used to power complex or mission-critical equipment, where a power outage or a component failure could have disastrous consequences.

Although single-battery hot swap circuits are available, disconnecting the battery will cut power to any connected equipment. Using a dual power supply (2 batteries) may be the most efficient solution to get the most out of hot swapping capabilities.

When one battery LED indicator shows it is running low, it is possible to swap it out for a fresh battery without interrupting service, as the second battery can still provide power to all connected equipment. With the right strategy for replacing and recharging low and dead batteries, it is possible to maintain power indefinitely on all equipment powered with hot swap dual-battery packs.

Additionally, batteries with a hot swappable component serve as a backup power source in case of an unexpected power outage, similar to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Hospitals can ensure they always have a working reserve battery for connected equipment by having hot swappable batteries on hand. Using hot swap batteries makes them an essential part of hospital operations.

If one of the batteries fails or has a broken component, a hot swap battery system allows the user to remove and cycle out the failing battery without cutting equipment power.

This non-interrupting maintenance feature helps minimize the disruptions to medical care, ensures that patients receive the best possible treatment, and allows maintenance staff to identify and replace worn-out batteries.

Benefits of Using Hot Swap Batteries

Hot swapping technology offers several advantages, particularly in medical settings.

Using hot swappable batteries allows businesses to keep their battery supply fresh and charged. Because hot swap batteries allow for non-interrupting maintenance, they can be swapped out without interrupting power.

These features make the hot swappable component ideal for critical applications like medical equipment. This can be important when time is of the essence, such as during an emergency procedure.

Hot swap batteries also minimize the risk of connected equipment failure. If a battery starts to fail due to a broken component, it can be quickly swapped out without having to shut down the entire system. This helps to keep critical equipment up and running.

Hot swapping technology can help extend the life of connected medical equipment. By allowing quick and easy battery changes, they reduce the equipment’s wear and tear. As a result, medical equipment can last longer and provide reliable service for a longer period.


Hot Swap Batteries and the Environment

Many people are unaware of the environmental benefits of hot swap batteries. While the initial cost may be higher, hot swap batteries have a significantly lower impact on the environment over their lifetime. This is because they can be easily and quickly swapped out when they reach the end of their life, without the need to dispose of the entire battery pack.

Traditional battery systems often require the entire battery pack to be thrown away, even if only a single cell is damaged. As a result, hot swap batteries are a more sustainable option for both businesses and consumers.

Hot swap batteries can often be used for longer than traditional batteries, as they are not subject to the same wear and tear; this also reduces the amount of regular maintenance that must be performed and helps further reduce environmental impact.

Invest in a Hot swap Battery System Today

A hot swap battery is a desirable feature for many medical devices. Besides the boost in day-to-day productivity and the protection provided to important and complex equipment, hot swap batteries provide plenty of other benefits due to their careful design.

Unlike batteries that are permanently attached to the device, a hot swap battery can be replaced by the user without requiring any special tools or training. This is a particularly desirable feature for devices used in remote locations or by staff with limited technical expertise.

The use of hot swap batteries reduces the need for regular maintenance. You can also rest assured that your hot swap battery product will be free from defects with our industry-leading warranty policies.

Scott-Clark Medical’s swap-option FMCPT battery product supports battery hot swap for those who prefer a method for battery charge renewal. The battery also allows on-cart charging.

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