hot switch batteries

Hot Swap Batteries

Hot Swap Batteries

Providing Uninterrupted Service

Hot-Swap battery refers to a battery product that can be safely removed and inserted into a product like a computer cart without shutting down the cart’s computer. This useful feature can allow a mobile cart to provide uninterrupted service rather than having to stop for a battery recharge. Usually, at least two mounting positions are provided, so that one battery can continue providing power while the other is removed and replaced.

This feature was first provided to a Pennsylvania hospital in 2001 on computer carts built by NA Ware, using what was then the latest lithium-ion battery cells. Although championed by the hospital’s technical IT staff, the nurses quickly noticed the distraction of watching the charge status, and their judgments, delivered through nurse supervisors, ended the swapping power kits.

Since then, many hospitals have sought to end their cart power troubles by implementing a system much the same as that first one, some successfully.

The ability to run mobile carts non-stop has benefits, of course. Our swap-option FMCPT battery product supports battery hot-swap for those who prefer the method for charge renewal, and allows on-cart charging for users who prefer that use pattern. we believe that nurses will spend their work hours most efficiently if given some flexibility.

FMCPT starts with Flexible.


Hot Swap BatteriesHot Swap Batteries




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