industrial and supply chain

Our Patented FMCPT Power System provides the most advanced technology available to power all  Industrial Mobile Work Stations. Our intent in designing and patenting our FMCPT Power System was to provide a Medical Grade UL 60601-1 Unique solution for Mobile Medical Carts in the Healthcare Environment , however we have discovered that many warehouse and distribution facilities have reached out to us and configured our FMCPT Power System to their Order Picking, Label Printing and Point Of Sale Industrial Carts.

Our swap option capability supports:

  • Sustained 175 watts of mixed A/C and 12V DC power
  • Provides 680 watt-hours of use between battery charges or exchange
  • Charges at the same fast rate both on the cart and off
  • Intelligently selects the battery to be used and the battery to be charged
  • Maximizes energy absorption to the batteries
  • Reserves a second battery’s energy until the first is used up
  • Meets UL 60601-1, EN 60601-1 and CE for all regions worldwide

Our FMCPT Workhorse Solution will boost productivity with minimum interruption in your Supply Chain Operations.


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