swap option battery

Swap Option Battery

You come to work and find that the cart assigned to you has a discharged battery, but you need it right away. With FMCPT, you can wheel the cart to a wall charger, remove a battery from it (they weigh eight pounds and have handles), then swap it with the battery in the cart. Later, when your little yellow light flashes at you, you do that again or just stop, do your charting with the cart plugged into an outlet for a while. One battery will operate your cart for 5-8 hours (depending on what computer and display are there), and FMCPT can handle two batteries intelligently, continuously displaying the charge status of both. When you can stop near an outlet, plug it in for a charge refresher. Partial charges are the norm with FMCPT. A 20-minute charge will result in another hour of use time, so it is never a requirement to fully recharge. If you cannot stop, swap-that is what Swap-Option is all about. Your choice. This part of nursing is easy!


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