Powered Carts for CPUs and Laptops

Medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics want to provide the best healthcare possible. To do this, using state-of-the-art equipment is imperative.

A laptop or CPU is now a crucial medical piece of equipment. Medical professionals need constant and quick access to patient information throughout his or her shift.

Traditionally, computers and laptops often remain in an office or workstation. However, Scott Clark now offers powered carts for CPUs and laptops. This allows medical professionals to have a portable work station, reducing the chance for errors and immediately updating patient data so that others can have instant access.

Patient and Family Peace of Mind

portable computer system

It is not only the medical professionals who will benefit from the ability for healthcare workers to update records immediately. Patients will benefit too through improved and more efficient service.

Some facilities also allow patients and families to access certain information related to the individual’s healthcare. This way all stakeholders can share in the responsibility of keeping and maintaining good health.

Whether healthcare staff perform checkups, deliver medication or institute a procedure, the patient will be reassured that the medical practitioner will have full access to up to date information.


powered carts

The powered carts for CPUs and laptops from Scott-Clark can be customized to meet any need you may have. Our dual hot-swap battery system ensures that you never need power-down during a procedure or while using your portable computer system.

We can tailor your carts to what you need them to do. We can add medication trays, drawers, keyboard, and other attachments, and just about anything else that your facility may find useful.

We can even retrofit your old carts to fit our portable dual battery power packs or add any addition you want.

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