Powered Mobile Computer Cart

Our powered mobile computer cart is an efficient and effective tool for healthcare staff. This cart ensures healthcare staff, such as nurses, doctors, and medical technicians can perform their job successfully. Staff can provide effective and efficient patient care while saving time by documenting the encounter in the moment.

This mobile computer cart with power is especially valuable for well-established hospitals or medical offices where the permanent structure of the facility is not accustomed to the growing demand for technology solutions. This mobile computer cart is especially advantageous for healthcare settings due to its flexibility and space-saving design.

Flexible and space-saving

Most healthcare staff are mobile, traveling throughout offices or hospitals. The ability to move technology with the healthcare staff is invaluable. This powered mobile computer cart allows a single computer to operate in a number of different places. Healthcare staff do not need a single office with a permanent work station. It saves space by allowing computers to be mobile.

Most notably, our medical carts are wireless. Medical staff already have a busy day and having to charge a laptop or cart may add to their workload. This cart is battery powered and does not have to charge throughout the day, adding to the flexibility of the product. This will not disrupt point-of-contact patient care or the ebb-and-flow of the work environment.

Medical staff will not have to worry about saving their information or worrying about the laptop losing power. At the end of the day, staff can swap the battery with one in a charging station. These charging stations do not take up much space and can easily be stored in closets or large cabinets. Computers on wheels provide staff with a revolutionary way to provide patient care in a fast-paced setting.

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