Rolling Cart with Wheels

Mobile carts have revolutionized the medical profession. Nurses and doctors can now travel from patient to patient, using a rolling cart with wheels to carry all the equipment and information they need with them wherever they go. These carts are highly maneuverable thanks to their lightweight build and multi-surface casters.

Healthcare professionals no longer need to waste valuable time fetching medications from the dispensary. Instead, they can look up exactly what they are going to need on their next round, dispense it, and take it with them in secure medication drawers.

Medical staff can also update a patient’s file without moving to a desk or manual filing system. Using a small-form-factor computer, laptop, or tablet device, practitioners can manage records from the bedside, inputting and recalling data instantly. All the information they need is at their fingertips.

Mobile Workstation

Customized for your patients and staff

Our mobile medical carts offer a range of optional extras to meet the specific needs of your facility, your patients, and your employees.

Medication drawers can include electronic lock systems with passcode or proximity-based unlocking, or a simple lock-and-key mechanism. Other add-ons include a sharps disposal unit, a trash receptacle, and a medical chart holder.

We also provide a choice of desktop styles and sizes to accommodate a range of computer systems, including compact desktop PCs, laptops, and tablet devices. Pull-out keyboard and mouse-mat shelves are available, as well as barcode readers, label printers, electronic signature pads, cameras, vitals monitors, and more.

Mobile Carts

Modern battery technology

We have also developed our proprietary Flexible Mobile Cart Power technology to ensure our mobile medical workstations can support your staff throughout an entire shift and beyond. Our high-capacity lithium-ion phosphate batteries last six to 10 hours each, and every cart has the space for multiple batteries.

Operators can recharge batteries by plugging the cart directly into a power source or at a designated charging point. Staff can “hot-swap” batteries, replacing a depleted battery with a fresh one while the other battery continues to supply power to the unit.

Final words

These benefits are helping to improve the quality and speed of patient care, reduce workplace stress, and increase productivity. All of this is possible thanks to the continuing development of the mobile medical workstation.

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