Rolling Laptop Cart with Storage

Mobility for all of your tools and necessary equipment at a healthcare or other facility is critical to efficient operations.

The ability to take your laptops with you as you provide services to patients, and to store and organize medical equipment and even medicines, is directly related to the type of medical cart the facility uses.

At Scott-Clark, we provide rolling laptop carts with storage that meet every need of our clients.

Rolling Laptop Cart

Mobile working for workplace

There is an increasing need for teams and coworkers to be able to collaborate efficiently. As workflow increases, so does the need for staff to move around the facility. With fixed IT solutions, the efficiency of staff decreases as they are confined to one area.

By taking your workstation with you, no time is wasted traveling to offices on the opposite side of the building. With battery powered rolling carts, your laptop will always have adequate means of power.

Should an emergency develop, you will always have instant access to critical patient data.

With multiple battery swap options, staff will never need to worry about shutting down equipment to swap batteries.

The easy-to-read displays ensures you remain cognizant of how much power is left in the battery.

Traveling Storage solutions for every facility

With all the different types of equipment that are needed in a care facility and the number of patients that might need access, accessibility is important.

With Scott-Clark’s rolling cart with storage, you instantly transport the equipment wherever it is needed. You can even store medications safely as we can customized storage drawers with appropriate locks and accountability mechanisms to suit your needs.

Our carts provide storage drawers and baskets so that everything has a place and staff can easily access their tools also.

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