Rolling Medical Carts

Rolling Medical Carts

What are rolling medical carts? Basically, they are medical carts on wheels! In fact, most medical carts come on wheels since they take ups floor space and need to move around depending on the facility’s needs. Efficient access requires them to be in the right place at the right time.

A rolling medical cart needs a strong and reliable wheelbase that provides smooth and effortless maneuverability in a full circle. One of the main features of a successful medical cart is its wheels.

Wheels have been around since the dawn of time, and their evolution has gone hand in hand with human technological evolution. The five functions that wheels must meet include:

  • All Surface Adhesion; the tire material must be able to stick to the surface without skidding, even when the surface is covered in oils and other slippery substances.
  • Circumferential Movement; the wheelbase has to be able to move around a 360o circumference, enabling complete control over positioning.
  • Weight-bearing loading; the wheelbase must be able to hold up a significant load and balance the weight through all wheelbases equally.
  • Smooth (minimal maintenance) operation; the axle and rotation have to be smooth and low maintenance; in most cases, ball bearings are the best solution. The materials used for these wheels must be totally rust and corrosion proof, especially for a medical environment where many unusual substances come in contact with wheels.
  • Quick replacement; as with any frequently used part of the equipment, they will wear with time and use, so it is imperative that a wheelbase can be replaced within minutes, allowing the cart to maintain its functionality without disrupting the flow of work.

Rolling Medical

All Scott-Clark carts are made with the finest wheelbases and take into account these five principles.

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