Rolling Medication Cart

Rolling Medication Cart

Finally, a medication cart designed to cater to the healthcare demands of today! Fit for a variety of staffing needs, the Scott-Clark Rolling Medication Cart is designed with practicality in mind. Our cart is completely customizable, allowing you to truly choose the best fit for your staff and facility. Digital storage allows you to feel secure that sensitive information is protected. Our carts provide freedom - mobility with ease - making our carts an essential tool for your healthcare facility.

Versatile Design

The easy-to-steer cart features a slim, lightweight design that requires minimal output for staff to push or pull. Front-locking brakes create much-needed stability while on the floor. A slim design allows for swift transport of supplies through crowded hallways, as well as total comfortability in tight patient quarters. A compact, yet efficient design allows for the reduction of clutter and increased productivity. Adjustable-height allows for a workspace tailored to each staff member. The ability to adjust the monitor height reduces eye-strain and stress on your staff members, allowing them to concentrate on their job.

The Scott-Clark cart features a workspace designed to accommodate a laptop or a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Mouse trays on either side of the desktop allow for left-handed and right-handed staff to operate without inconvenience. The easy-to-clean workspace was created to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of healthcare.

Medication Cart

Total Security and Reliability

The Scott-Clark rolling medication cart features unparalleled technology with electronically-locking drawer capability. The cart can be configured for multiple users. A keypad serves as a second option for entry into locked drawers. Battery-life will sustain an entire shift; lasting an impressive eight hours. Batteries can be swapped out to provide additional longevity. With a charging time of only three hours, our cart allows staff to remain on the floor, where they are needed the most. A re-chargeable batter means fewer cords, creating a safer environment.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication work stations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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