Smart Medical Mobile Cart with Drawers

For a smart, versatile storage solution for your medical facility, choose a Scott-Clark Medical mobile cart with drawers. Our medical carts are customizable to the specific storage and security needs of your practice. From our basic standard cart model to biometric locking medication carts, we have a multi-purpose mobile storage cart to enhance staff productivity and create a streamlined workflow.

Medical mobile cart with drawers

Features of Scott-Clark Medical Carts with Wheels

Stable Wheelbase

We design out carts with a small footprint to easily maneuver down narrow corridors and tight spaces between hospital beds. But we have created a stable wheelbase that supports the weight of electronic equipment and hospital supplies while minimizing the risk of tipping. This design provides you with a more functional and versatile utility cart while creating a safer workplace.

Rolling Casters

Fast and smooth cart mobility is critical in a clinical setting. Speedy response times from staff can have a significant impact on the health outcomes of patients. We have designed our storage carts with multidirectional rolling casters that glide effortlessly over various floor surfaces. The casters are conductive to reduce static interference with electrical equipment, and they feature secure locks to prevent the cart from moving while in use.

Hydraulic Height Adjustment

Workplace ergonomics is a pivotal contributor to safe and productive staff. Fatigue can lead to errors in patient records, diagnosis, and medication administration. The height adjustment feature on our mobile carts enables staff to change the desktop’s height with ease. The smooth hydraulic lift supports the weight of the frame and any equipment.

Height adjustment also facilitates better doctor-patient interaction, which improves health outcomes. The hydraulic lift lets staff lower the computer monitor or laptop to the patient to provide information pertinent to their recovery.

Durable Construction

Scott-Clark Medical mobile carts with storage drawers are built to last. The frame is made from tough stainless steel, which is powder-coated for easy cleaning and sanitation. The desktop, drawers, and organizers are made from high-density plastic that is resistant to damage.

Smart Storage

Our mobile medical carts are customizable with a range of smart storage solutions. The standard cart model comes with a rear bin for storing essential sterilization products and PPE gear. We can also incorporate a series of drawers to keep equipment specific to your facility, including IV bags and tubing, anesthesia equipment, and medications.

We can outfit your cart with lockable drawers to prevent theft or error using biometric or keycard locks. These locking mechanisms can also integrate with your software system to track and record the administration of medications.

We also offer a selection of peripheral storage solutions, including attachments for barcode scanners, printers, sharps and biohazard storage, removable laptop trays.

Compact Design

Smart Mobile Medical Carts with Drawers take into account the storage space requirements of your facility. Where space is an essential resource, a mobile cart has to take up as little space as possible within a room and provide as much space as possible for holding and storing medication, devices, instruments, computers, and other delivery options.

Our carts have a 19” W x 20” D wheelbase that can incorporate the battery pack, so you can easily store multiple carts when not in use.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

If you need to power electrical equipment on your cart, Scott-Clark Medical has developed a unique state-of-the-art battery based on our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT). Each battery requires only 2.5 hours charging time and delivers 10 hours of power. The batteries are rechargeable on and off the cart and can be hot-swapped in under a minute to minimize disruptions to staff and patients.

mobile cart with drawers

Why Choose a Scott-Clark Medical Smart Mobile Cart with Drawers?


While Scott-Clark Medical primarily caters to the healthcare sector, our mobile carts are suitable for use across a range of applications. Whether you need to update your storage and organization for school, office, or business, our bespoke carts can meet your needs.

Height adjustable carts make a functional addition to your home office and act as a combined sitting-standing desk for improved ergonomics. The drawers on the cart are ideal for storing office supplies and household essentials.

Better Staff and Patient Interactions

Keeping supplies and equipment on a mobile cart reduces the time staff spends in the pharmacy or supply room. It also allows staff to access up-to-date patient records bedside, which increases the length of time and the quality of staff-patient interactions. Quality interaction is a crucial indicator of positive health outcomes for patients.

Create a More Efficient Workplace

Scott-Clark Medical mobile carts ensure fast response times and minimize staff’s need to travel to a central location for supplies or data entry. Supplies can be kept onboard the cart in a series of lockable drawers and compartments, while patient records are manageable in real-time using an integrated internet-enabled computer.

Build a High-Quality Smart Mobile Cart with Scott-Clark Medical

At Scott-Clark Medical, our fabrication process is modular. While we have standard rolling cart models designed to meet many functions, we can also put together a bespoke solution that provides you drawers, compartments, and features to suit your specific requirements.

Learn more about our range of Scott-Clark Medical carts by contacting us at (512) 756-7300.

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