Smart Mobile Medical Cart with Drawers

Medical Cart with Drawers

Medical carts come in all shapes and sizes and configurations. Building a medical cart is not slapping some drawers together on four wheels in a frame. It is a technologically challenging task that requires understanding the medical workplace down to every detail. Since all medical workplaces require different configurations, it is imperative to provide a bespoke unit for every user.

Smart Mobile Medical Carts with Drawers are not for mobile phones. They are medication carts designed for absolute freedom of movement through 360o considering the maneuverability of a surgical team in the trauma unit to a nursing team around a patient’s bed in any ward.

Design of the Drawers

Medical Cart with Drawers

Smart Mobile Medical Carts with Drawers are carts designed with forethought, taking into account the storage space requirements. Where space is the most important resource, a mobile cart has to take up as little space as possible within a room, but at the same time, provide as much space as possible for holding and storing medication, devices, instruments, computers, and other delivery options.

Where to Purchase

Finding a Smart Mobile Medical Cart with Drawers is actually easier than it appears. All you need to do is contact Scott-Clark and get a client-focused response, where your specific requirements are the foundation of all our products.

Our fabrication process is modular, so while we have generic carts designed to meet many standard functions, we can also put together a bespoke solution that will give you any number of drawers and compartments to suit specific requirements.

Most carts are designed in 3D, at Scott-Clark we use 4D, where time is a resource that has to be used as efficiently as space. This means we design our carts to function efficiently, reducing time while increasing space. Learn more about the Scott-Clark medical carts by contacting us today.

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