Stainless Steel Carts on Wheels

stainless steel carts

Hospital equipment technology is improving rapidly. Our in-house experts here in Scott-Clark Medical can help you pick the right set of high-tech stainless steel carts on wheels for your staff.

Why stainless steel?

Stainless steel carts are easy to clean. Their smooth surface ensures that liquids dry easily, while the stainless steel treatment resists corrosion. Sanitizing stainless steel carts on wheels should never cause its material to corrode or change.

Stainless steel carts are also very durable. They can withstand heavy use every day while keeping your equipment organized. They can take hits from doors and walls without showing any sign of weakness.

Why put the carts on wheels?

If your staff constantly transports medication and supplies from room to room, chances are they’ll want something that keeps up with their speed. Attaching wheels on your stainless steel carts greatly increases your cart’s mobility while protecting its contents. And with two or three shelves available, your staff can complete their trips as efficiently as possible.

Aren’t all carts the same?

Of course not! While other sellers lock you into a certain configuration with no customization option, Scott-Clark Medical’s stainless steel carts on wheels are highly customizable.

Choose from a wide array of stainless steel carts with different options for shelf length, width, and height. We stock two and three-tiered carts, along with different types of wheels that best match your floor type. All of our wheels come with a locking system to prevent cart runoff.

Our stainless steel cart shelves have a 1-inch lip on all sides, preventing items from rolling off the cart. Some brands only have lips on one or two sides, making transportation unsafe!

I just want to update my current carts.

Stainless Steel Carts on Wheels

No problem! A Scott-Clark Medical technician can visit your facility and upgrade your equipment onsite. We recognize that all operations must continue while the upgrade is ongoing so our technicians will work hard to minimize disruption as much as possible.

Not sure whether a partial update or a full upgrade is better for you? We're is here to help. Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical Team can do for you and contact us today.

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