Used Medical Carts for Sale

Medical Carts

If you’re looking to upgrade the medical cart fleet at your hospital or healthcare clinic, Scott-Clark Medical has a wide range of used medical carts for sale. These medical carts have been refurbished and retrofitted to offer the latest technology and the most up-to-date energy sourcing available.

Refurbishing and Upgrading

Scott-Clark has a detailed refurbishing process to properly sanitize all equipment. Medical carts are then outfitted with the most up to date technology available for the medical industry.

Upgrading your fleet can be beneficial for those whose medical cart fleet is heavy, bulky, and hard to use or store. Purchasing updated equipment can provide new, more lightweight carts for friendlier use.

Upgraded carts are also a great option for those who need updated power sources or newer technology. It can also benefit those who need an increased number of carts to run their facility more efficiently.

The professionals at Scott-Clark can also provide refurbishing services for your current medical carts. They can update your carts without interrupting your facility’s workflow. This includes changing out battery systems, adding more powerful energy sources, updating software, and adding or removing organizational options like baskets and drawers.

Refurbishing is a great option for those whose equipment needs little more than an update.

Medical Carts for Sale

Benefits of Used or Refurbished Medical Carts

Buying used medical carts or repurposing your current carts can save your budget while still giving your clinic or hospital the latest in medical technology. By providing your staff with updated systems and more powerful energy sources, you are allowing them to work most efficiently.

This can include electronic medical record capabilities, 24-hour battery power, and rechargeable power stations for devices such as blood pressure or pulse-ox machines.

With the Scott-Clark name behind them, you can rest assured that you’re receiving a superior product.

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