Used Medical Carts with Drawers

Mobile carts have been used to move equipment and materials in hospitals for many decades. The early cart designs were bulky and cumbersome, which made them difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

Scott-Clark Medical has completely transformed this situation by pioneering new designs and developments in the medical cart industry.

Designs that we're proud of

Scott-Clark works directly with clinicians from hospitals all over America to ensure that our designs are optimal for real-life medical use.

Every cart we manufacture is guaranteed to be ergonomically outstanding, lightweight, and user-friendly. They are easy to maneuver in tight or crowded spaces, and they glide easily over multiple types of floor surfaces. Each user can easily adjust the height of each cart for optimum comfort.

Above all else, our carts are safe to use in a sterile medical environment. We limit the use of plastic or any other materials that break down and possibly give MRSA and infectious agents breeding places. Instead, we use powder coated stainless steel and extruded aluminum for all surfacing. This ensures surfaces that are not only durable but also safe to use in a medical environment.

Medical Carts with Drawers639
Used medical carts

Our popular pre-owned program makes it possible for institutions on a tight budget to afford the best used medical carts with drawers.

A cart with drawers doesn't need to be bulky. Our designs provide a minimum footprint and maximum storage capacity. The drawers can be electronically or key locked to ensure secure storage of medication, documentation or equipment.

Our pre-owned catalog contains a choice of cart configurations featuring an extensive range of cassette drawer sizes and combinations.

Used Medical Carts Drawers

What's more, your newly purchased carts can be refurbished down the line to meet any changing needs. The Scott-Clark technicians complete refurbishment on-site to minimize disruption to your workflow and patient care.

A worthwhile investment

Your institution can take advantage of our pre-owned catalog and provide your staff with the resources they need - even if you're on a tight budget.

Your investment in used medical carts with drawers will provide an excellent return on investment.

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