Workstations on Wheels in Healthcare

Healthcare has changed drastically over the past decade, and even more so within the past several years. Healthcare professionals have had to adapt and change their practices to incorporate new research, products, and techniques for procedures. Healthcare technology is no different.

Physicians, registered nurses, and other healthcare providers rely on workstations on wheels to document the care they are providing, write orders for medications and wound care, and so much more.

Workstations on wheels are the point that connects medical professionals to electronic health records and essential information about their patients and their treatment. They are where nurses and doctors go to research information to help their patients, check the plan of care for individuals, and ensure patient safety before completing medication administration or any other safety-sensitive procedure.

Workstations on wheels need to be as flexible and adaptable as the health care professionals who are using them. Their portable, wheeled design allows them to be easily transported anywhere in the hospital or other healthcare settings. They can be brought directly to patient rooms and allow for documentation at the time and point of care, which reduces time inefficiencies and improves safety.

Rather than having nurses run back and forth all over the hospital, the use of workstations on wheels means that they need to take fewer steps back and forth between the area where medications are prepared, the patient rooms where they are administered, and the computer stations where they are documented. The use of these wheeled workstations greatly improves the overall safety of patient care in a hospital or acute care setting.

The use of workstations on wheels allows for interdisciplinary collaboration, where different professionals in healthcare all share the same computing system.

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