Medical Computer Carts & Workstations

Advances in healthcare technology are designed to make it easier for patients and healthcare workers. Point-of-care testing (POCT) or bedside testing means that electronic databases can be updated conveniently for patients and medical workers. Additionally, it means simple tests can be performed and ordered at the bedside. This technology would not be available without medical computer carts & workstations.

medical computer workstation

Scott-Clark provides durable medical computer carts & workstations that incorporate high-quality drawers for storage and secure transportation. Medical computer carts & workstations conveniently come in different shapes and sizes. They allow for efficient integration in the healthcare environment across all departments.

These carts and workstations are the results of advances in information technologies and wireless networks. They are important for increasing the coverage of the hospital network. Scott-Clark Medical understands that a medical computer cart & workstation gets the healthcare worker closer to the patient and is considered the powerhouse of a clinician. At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer flexible mobile computer carts and workstations to suit every need.

mobile medical computer cart

What should you look for in a medical computer cart and workstation?

  • It’s important that medical computer carts and workstations are secure and come with built-in locks for maximum security. Additionally, Scott-Clark offers the ability to configure user codes for manual entry. They should also have a quick lock system in place.
  • Mobile carts and workstations should be user-friendly.
  • Look for lightweight carts and workstations that are easy to physically move from bedside to counter.
  • Each workstation should easily be adjustable to suit different heights of healthcare workers in addition to providing the ability to work standing or sitting down.
  • External surfaces should be easy to clean since hospitals are places that require the most sterile conditions.
  • Preferably, a medical computer cart and workstation should suit both right and left-handed workers.
  • It should be easy to swap batteries that have a long life.

Consideration is required when purchasing a medical computer cart & workstation. Scott-Clark Medical offers a vast range of carts and workstations to suit all needs.

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