Mobile medical carts have revolutionized the healthcare industry. Medical professionals no longer need to struggle with inefficient and outdated systems that hinder them from doing their jobs effectively. Healthcare staff can now use mobile powered equipment carts to record and access patient information on the move.

Batteries for these carts are constantly improving as businesses push to enhance the medical field with new technologies. Clinics and hospitals are now benefiting from mobile workstations with modern battery hardware.

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Benefits of mobile cart technology

Mobile carts provide instant access to patient records and other useful information. They allow doctors and nurses to spend more time with their patients, inputting data directly into the system from the patient’s bedside.

Healthcare professionals are constantly moving around. A mobile cart allows them to travel with the entire patient database at their fingertips, so they don’t have to waste time traveling back and forth from a desk or filing cabinet.

These workstations also provide mobile storage and receptacles for disposing of sharps and other waste, allowing medical staff to travel with everything they need to administer fast and effective care to their patients.

Other duties that doctors are nurses can carry out using a mobile workstation include monitoring a patient’s vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate.

New and improved battery technology

Among the many features of a mobile medical workstation, one of the most important is power. A medical cart’s battery system powers any hardware on board, including a computer or tablet device, as well as any other electronic peripherals like barcode scanners or label printers.

The batteries on a mobile workstation should be more than capable of lasting for at least an entire shift, if not longer. With that in mind, we designed our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power technology, also known as FMCP.

FMCP technology makes use of multiple lithium-ion phosphate batteries, with each containing enough energy to power a mobile workstation for six to 10 hours.

Staff can charge the batteries on the cart when it is not in use by plugging it directly into the wall. Alternatively, they can remove the batteries from the cart and recharge them at a fixed charging point.

An illuminated indicator on each battery informs the operator how much power remains, giving them plenty of warning before they need to change or recharge it.

The true beauty of FMCP technology is that it allows for “hot-swapping.” Operators can remove and replace batteries one by one, while the remaining battery continues to provide power to vital equipment. This technology effectively enables our medical carts to run indefinitely, reducing maintenance and increasing productivity.

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Final thoughts

Mobile powered equipment carts are essential to the efficient running of a healthcare facility. There is no longer any need for outdated equipment within the workplace. Medical workstations are an excellent way of improving productivity among healthcare professionals and enhancing patient care.

With further developments in mobile computing technology and energy sources, the healthcare system will continue to flourish, and doctors and nurses will be able to do their jobs more efficiently.

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